Un mic dar pentru voi de la Andra

Un mic dar cu drag, de la Andra pentru voi.Ea numeste aceasta bucata muzicala “Muzica de adunat ingeri”.

Bucurie va dorim!
Cristina si Andra


About Foc Viu

I am a simple person, economist by profession, doctor by need photographer by pleasure, traveller by passion, optimistic by nature.Recently I have discovered that I have the gift of being exactly in the right place, at the very right time. It is the only way that I can explain how in the world have I come on holiday in Romania, at the exact date when my beloved cousin got sick:11 November 2009...just 2 days after her 45-th birthday. This is not a blog for me...it is not my story here...This blog is about her.My beloved cousin, Andra Mihaela,45 years old,a beauty of a human being from all points of view:spiritually, emotionally, physically.A person who is never tired of being good and generous, despite the fact that life has never been generous with her and she always had to fight, for everything. She is a fighter and a winner.But now,after 8 months of fighting with a horrible disease, she needs, more than ever,something that she has always been generously giving to everyone around her, without expecting anything in exchange: love and help. I took the liberty to make this blog for her, to speak in her name, now when she doesn't have voice to speak and her hands are unable to write, when her beautiful mind and heart are stucked in a body that doesn't respond.Only her wonderful smile and eyes are responding, it is the only way she can communicate with the world around her.I told her that I am gonna write a blog for her and what will be its content and she started to cry...I held her and kissed her and told her not to cry, because we love her and God will heal her. With patience, love and most of all faith, anything is possible. So, with her approval, I am gonna tell her story here....actually our story, because eversince she got ill,her story became my story also, as I've never left her side.
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2 Responses to Un mic dar pentru voi de la Andra

  1. Alexandra says:

    Buna seara! cum se simte doamna profesoara?

  2. Maria says:

    Va rog sa ne mai dati vesti despre ANDRA !!!

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